Monday news summary

New measure - respirators or double masks mandatory

The Ministry of Health will issue an emergency measure today in which it will tighten the obligation to cover people's mouths and noses. According to an earlier statement by Minister Jan Blatný (for ANO), the regulation will apply from midnight, it will apply to public places with a greater concentration of people. People will have to wear a respirator, a nano mask or two surgical masks. According to Blatný, the reason is the worsening epidemic situation due to the spread of the British mutation.

Covid update

On Sunday, there were 4,002 new positive Covid-19 tests, which is about 1,100 more cases than a week ago. The share of newly infected in the number of tests performed rose to 40.6 percent. There were about 6,000 people in hospital care at the weekend with Covid-19. The PES score is at 75 points today. This follows from data on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Recycling paper pays off

Last year at this time there was a lot of paper everywhere and only minimal interest in it, China stopped taking it and waste accumulated in Europe. A year later, the demand is huge. The market situation was turned upside down by the pandemic and the increased demand for paper packaging. Packaging papers are mostly made from recycled paper. Prices for old paper fell to a minimum last March. In January this year, however, the paper mills paid almost 110 euros per tonne for it, which is four times more.

No need to quarantine after vaccination? Maybe from March

People who will have received both doses of Covid-19 vaccination from March after contact with the infected person may not need to be quarantined. Modification of the quarantine regulation is currently being prepared. There is also a discussion that vaccinated workers in nursing homes would not have to undergo regular tests.