Monday news summary

Companies have detected less than two percent of positive employees

According to preliminary data, the positivity of tests in companies is between one and two percent. This is roughly the same result as in the general antigen testing of the population, which people can use every three days. According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO), company testing does not mean that the company can stop following the measures taken. In total, the obligation applies to about three million workers.

February opinion poll sees the ANO Party losing lead

In the February election model of the Kantar CZ agency, the ANO movement recorded a significant decline. In the model, which includes only individual parties, even for the first time in the history of the agency's measurements, since the beginning of 2014, it found itself in second place, the first being Pirates. The February survey again examined the preferences in the case of the announced coalitions. In such a situation, the alliance of Pirates and STAN would have the largest share this time as well, while their lead over ANO increased to twelve percentage points, according to the survey. The agency prepared the research for Czech Television.

The Avast Company to start a billion-crown foundation

The general director of the antivirus company Avast, Ondřej Vlček, and his wife Katarína created a family foundation, in which they invested assets worth 1.5 billion crowns. The fund, called the Vlček Family Foundation, will help families affected by their child's serious illness.

The foundation's assets come from Vlček's quarter of a century-long operation at Avast, which has become a global software company. The foundation intends to use all resources for its own projects. By creating the foundation, Vlček follows up on the activities of his private charity organization Zlatá rybka (Golden Fish), whose mission is to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from life-threatening diseases. Since 2015, it has fulfilled the wishes of more than 650 children and will continue its mission.

Delivery of AstraZeneca vaccines will be reduced

Deliveries of the covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca to the Czech Republic will be reduced by 40 percent, representatives of the Smart Quarantine said on Twitter. On Saturday, they announced that supplies for the whole of the EU will be limited by 73 percent. Some European countries, such as Denmark, Austria and Italy, stopped vaccinating with the substance this week due to suspicions of serious side effects, such as blood clots. The Czechia is not planning any similar measures.