Monday news summary

Extension of the emergency state?

The request for an extension of the state of emergency in the country will be discussed by the government at its meeting today. The state of emergency is currently in force until the 28th of March, but according to the government, it is still necessary for the current stricter restrictions on free movement to apply. Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD) stated that the minimum is an extension of 14 days, according to Deputy Prime Minister Alena Schillerová (for ANO), the cabinet agreed to request a full 30 days. As part of the coronavirus agenda, ministers should also consider a proposal to increase the frequency of anti-covid testing in companies.

Covid update

Tests on Sunday in the Czech Republic revealed 2,373 new cases of Covid-19, which is 955 less than a week ago. It was the lowest daily increase since the 13th of December last year. The number of vaccinated people, however, was also low this Sunday. Paramedics administered 8,077 doses of the vaccine, at least a day since early March, including weekends.

High-speed train plans getting complicated

The high-speed line from Prague to Dresden, one of the most expensive and complicated buildings in the history of the Czech Republic, has problems. For the most part, it is supposed to lead through a tunnel and Ústí nad Labem insists on a stop in the centre of the city. But that would mean building under the villages in the Elbe, that oppose such a plan. With these high-speed trains the route from Prague to Dresden should be shortened to 50 minutes.

Freezing temperatures for the first spring day

The first night of astronomical spring was very cold, with freezing temperatures all over the Czech Republic. The record for the 21st of March fell on 25 of the 153 stations that measure at least 30 years. It was the coldest in Šumava, the lowest temperature was measured by the station Kvilda-Perla, Jezerní slať, where it was minus 24.6 degrees Celsius.