Monday news summary

Covid update

On Sunday, the number of people whose tests confirmed the covid-19 infection dropped to 7301, which was the highest Sunday number since March. The government will discuss possible changes to the measure on Monday afternoon. A number of strict measures have been in place for two weeks, but Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said that they have not been effective. All regions turned red on Friday.

Government meeting

The government has been discussing the situation since 2 p.m. Monday. Roman Prymula (the current minister of health) is still present, although the Prime Minister Babiš said on Friday that a new minister should already attend Monday's meeting. The Prime Minister called for the resignation of Prymula after the daily tabloid Blesk published photographs, which showed that Prymula had been in the restaurant in Vyšehrad after the announcement of restrictions on movement and at a time when most restaurants and shops had to be closed.

Prymula originally refused to resign, stating that he was not in the restaurant, but the buildings of the Vyšehrad Chapter connected to it. On Sunday, however, he admitted that he would resign, but first his successor must be known. Hematologist Jan Blatný is talked about as the future minister, but Babiš has not officially said any name yet.

Buildings turned blue for the UN anniversary

Monuments and buildings in Prague, Olomouc or Ostrava cities lit blue on Saturday evening to honor the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations. Well-known buildings in the world's cities, such as the city halls of Brussels and Madrid, the cathedral in Reykjavík and the buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg and Spain, have also joined the "Let's Light Europe" initiative.

Backup hospital in Brno being built

At the Brno Exhibition Center, the construction of a backup hospital with three hundred beds for patients with covid-19 began. It should be built in a week, completely finished with equipment in two weeks. The hospital is being built by the city, the operation should be provided by the University Hospital Brno.