Monday news summary

Covid update

On Sunday, there were 6542 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic, which is almost 760 less than a week ago. Although there are usually fewer tests on weekends or holidays, as in the previous few days, the number continued to decrease in the past few days. On the first day of November, however, more than a hundred people died with coronavirus.

Testing of seniors will start this week

On Wednesday, general testing of all clients of nursing homes and other social facilities will begin. Within seven days, up to 100,000 people should be tested under the Ministry of Health, and on Monday the government should approve testing of nurses and other staff. The new Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, supported the use of antigen tests after he took office. Although he admitted their lower reliability, according to him, they are advantageous for regular testing where the population is more infected.

The Day of the Dead

As part of the Day of the Dead, people also commemorate the legacy of Jan Palach. Last Sunday, exactly 30 years have passed since his remains were returned to Olšany Cemeteries. The original grave was destroyed by the communists - they were annoyed that it became a place of pilgrimage. It was not restored until after the Velvet Revolution.

Comet NEOWISE Mosaic by Czech and Slovak

A joint photograph made by the Czech photographer and astronomer Petr Horálek and the Slovak photographer Tomáš Slovinský combines a comet in various positions from several parts of the world in one mosaic. The mosaic is complemented by a panorama of the High Tatras, above which the authors symbolically placed the comet. The photo was praised by NASA and the BBC. More information can be found HERE.