Monday news summary

Covid update

The smallest number of covid-19 cases in last four weeks was confirmed on Sunday. There were 3608 positive people, almost 3,000 less than a week earlier. From today, new uniform EU travel rules apply. More information on the regulation is HERE.

Mental health during the pandemic

Researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health have prepared a series of online lectures on mental health during the pandemic. They help with prevention and will be available for free. The first one will run on Tuesday.

Less tourists in Prague hotels

Due to the pandemic, the number of foreign hotel guests in Prague decreased by more than two thirds compared to the last year to 746,290 during the holidays and September. The number of foreigners decreased by 78.5 percent, but visitors from the Czech Republic increased by five percent. The Czech Statistical Office published the data today.

New vehicles for the Czech army

The Ministry of Defense will buy up to 1,200 Toyota Hilux off-road vehicles. For one car, the office will pay 893 thousand crowns. In total the replacement of the obsolete vehicle fleet would cost about a billion crowns. The originally expected costs were roughly doubled. The army wants to replace the aged UAZ vehicles and the obsolete Land Rover.

New website is on

The government has launched a new website that should clearly communicate and explain all Covid-related restrictions. Right now, there are Czech and English language versions - and the translators are working on Vietnamese, German and Russian.

Remembrance Day

At Olšany Cemeteries, Deputy Minister of Defense Vladimír Müller honored the victims of the wars as part of Remembrance Day. It is organized annually by the Embassy of Great Britain in Prague.