Monday news summary

Measures will be relaxed on Thursday

From Thursday, the Czech Republic will relax many anti-epidemic measures, the ministers decided on Sunday. Restaurants, all shops and service establishments will open (with some specific limits) and curfew will end as well. According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO), it is unlikely that Czechia will get to a lower than third degree of the anti-epidemic system PES by the end of the year. Schools have different rules and will not get to the third level until 7 December. All the information on the new measures starting on Thursday can be found HERE.

Most primary school pupils are coming back to schools today

Today, most primary school pupils return to school after a few weeks of distance learning. This also comes into effect for some children from grammar schools. Today's partial reopening of schools corresponds with the fourth degree of the risk score according to the PES system.

Zeman wants names of Russian spies in the Czech Republic

President Miloš Zeman is asking the Security Information Service (BIS) for the names of Russian spies in the Czech Republic, Czech Radio-Radiožurnál said today with reference to three credible high-ranked sources. According to the Czech Radio, the head of state also wants a civilian counterintelligence officer to document what operations of the Russian intelligence service are undertaking in the Czech Republic or which Czechs are cooperating with them. According to experts contacted by the radio, such a requirement is unusual and its fulfillment may jeopardize the functioning of the BIS.

Christmas trams in Prague

This year, Prague Public Transit Company will send three decorated Christmas trams and a Christmas-decorated retrobus. Thousands of Christmas lights, interior Christmas decorations and exterior stickers with a Christmas theme will take care of the Christmas decorations. The vehicles were first lit on the first Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2020, and then set off on a joint route from the courtyard of the Střešovice depot. All four vehicles together decorate more than 13,000 Christmas lights, interior holiday decorations, as well as special exterior stickers with winter and Christmas themes. Passengers will be able to meet decorated vehicles until January 6, 2021. New public transport schedules for Christmas time can be found HERE.