Monday news summary

Covid update

On Sunday, there were 1,113 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. It's about 40 more than the last Sunday. Numbers have been slowly increasing again since Thursday. The risk score in the anti-epidemic PES system rose by seven points to 64 on Sunday, which corresponds to a stricter fourth alert level. The government will discuss the situation and potential new restrictions.

High school students are coming back to schools

From Monday, students of secondary schools, conservatories or higher vocational schools can return to classrooms again. However, students will be divided into two groups, each learning a week online and a week at school.

University students can also return to colleges in groups of up to 20 people. This applies to the first years and all those who are to have practical training. However, many universities will complete this semester only with online teaching. Students usually return to schools only for internships, which until now could only take place for the last years and for students from the medical or pharmaceutical fields. Elementary art schools, language schools and leisure centers will start lessons and clubs for up to ten people in a group on Monday.

No quarantine when going to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The rules for arriving in Switzerland will change from the 14th of December 2020, and passengers from the Czech Republic no longer have to enter the 10-day quarantine after entering Swiss territory. Same rules apply in Liechtenstein.

No shopping in German Bavaria anymore

It will not be possible to go shopping in Bavaria from Wednesday, as the local government will tighten anti-coronavirus measures. The ban will apply until Tuesday, the 5th of January. Without quarantine and a negative test for Covid-19, commuters and family members will still be able to cross the border.