More Czechs do not follow the news

37 percent of Czechs do not follow the news - four years ago, it was 31%. Around one in five is interested in a serious news service.

Most people who ignore the news are young - under the age of 40. According to the Median agency survey, they can be divided into three groups, the biggest making up 16.5% of the population. These are people aged 15 to 40, from medium-sized cities and with low incomes. They sometimes watch commercial TV, rarely listen to the radio and are average users of the Internet, interested mainly in sports, tabloids and online shopping. However, they publish comments on the Internet at an above-average rate.

The second group that does not follow the news are the elderly and people who do not trust the mass media, generally aged between 40 and 70. Making up about 12% of the population, neither magazines, radio, television, nor the Internet are the main sources of information for them. They listen to the radio for many hours a day, but treat it more as a backdrop. While 96% of people in this group use the Internet, they rarely frequent news servers.

Young and politically disengaged people are in the third group that makes up 9% of the population. On average, they are under 30, single and with above-average incomes. While they are prolific Internet users, they mainly use it to buy or sell goods. They also visit sites related to travel, food, beauty and entertainment. They cite the Internet as being the main source of information for them - but at the same time, they read news sites minimally.