More schools could reopen in a week

If the epidemic situation continues to improve, more pupils and students could return to schools starting Monday, November 23.

On Wednesday, November 18, pupils from first and second years of primary schools and also special schools will return. We wrote about it here. Czechia is now on the fifth (worst) level of epidemic risk - but as the situation gradually improves, it could change to the fourth next Monday. You can read more about the new anti-epidemic system (PES) here.

That would mean that final year secondary and primary school students could go to school from November 23. At the same time, practical training for groups of up to 20 people would resume at secondary schools.

Sixth through ninth graders of primary schools (including first four years of grammar schools) would then start alternating weeks of learning at home and in classrooms.

At the fourth level of epidemic risk, university students would resume practical and laboratory training for groups of up to 20. Individual consultations would also be possible.

People will still have to wear face masks in all classes (with an exception of kindergartens and special schools). If the country gets to risk level two on the PES scale, first through fifth graders of primary schools will also have an exception. At the lowest level, face masks will only be mandatory in school corridors.