More than two-thirds of travel agencies might go bankrupt

Ninety percent less people went on holidays abroad in the summer. Thus, most travel agencies struggle to keep their businesses going and if the situation does not improve within next six months, most of them might not survive.

Some destinations, like Turkey or Egypt, did not open for tourists in the summer, therefore also the offer was smaller. The leading company on the Czech market sold only ten percent of their usual number of holidays. Travel agencies that specialize on exotic holidays had even worse results.

In addition, another threat comes after the summer months. The growing number of infected people leads to the fact that some destinations have placed the Czech Republic on the list of high-risk countries. For example, tourists will not get to Denmark, Slovakia is also considering tightening conditions.

Already, one of the biggest travel agencies - Firo Tour - has applied for protection from creditors, and dozens of smaller players have been shut down. The situation might change with introduction of the vaccine that is now planned for the beginning of the next year, the experts claim.