New anti-epidemic system revealed

The Ministry of Health has introduced a new five-tier set of rules called PES that will loosen or tighten the anti-coronavirus measures.

The PES score will be calculated for both nationwide and regional levels. The Ministry will start publishing the numbers on its website on Monday, November 16. PES is an abbreviation of "anti-epidemic system" in Czech. "Pes" also means "dog", which is why the official infographic for the score looks like this:

According to the PES score, Czech Republic is currently on the fourth level of epidemic risk. If the situation does not worsen by next Wednesday, the Ministry will propose a relaxation of measures which will then reflect the fourth tier.

The complete table can be found here (in Czech). Here is a selection of the most important measures:

Face masks

1: only in some indoor spaces and on public transport

2-5: current measures apply


1: 500 people outside, 100 inside

2: 100 people outside, 50 inside

3: 50 people outside, 10 inside

4: a maximum of six people

5: a maximum of two people


1-3: no curfew

4: curfew between 11 pm and 5 am

5: curfew between 9 pm and 5 am


1-3: number of customers limited

4-5: some shops closed, reduction of opening hours, closed on Sundays and public holidays


1: closed between midnight and 6 am, only sitting customers

2: closed between 22 pm and 6 am, only sitting customers, a maximum of 6 people at one table

3: closed between 22 pm and 6 am, only sitting customers, a maximum of 4 people at one table, occupied only half capacity

4-5: takeout only