New measures as Covid-19 cases are on the rise again

Cultural events and sports events to funerals and weddings - masks will be obligatory at all such indoor events over 100 people from midnight. From Monday, the capacity of these events will be reduced from a thousand to 500.

The Government does not plan on implementing measures that would limit the freedom of movement or harm the economy, the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (ANO) announced on Thursday evening.

People still do not have to wear masks in restaurants, bars and other places where food and drinks are served. That means that the new measures would not apply for the situation that occurred in one of Prague's bars where almost a hundred people became infected only a few days ago.

Masks are not yet obligatory on public transport with the exception of Prague metro, but it is highly recommended. The effectivity of the new measures will be evaluated in two weeks. Some regions, however, have implemented stricter measures - for example in the Moravskoslezský region, masks are obligatory in public transport and in buildings. In the Ústecký region, people have to wear masks when visiting their GP, in pharmacies and social service centres. In Prague masks will be obligatory also in pharmacies and in waiting rooms at the GP beginning Monday.

The number of infected people in the Czech Republic has increased recently. On Wednesday, there were 247 new cases which is the biggest number since the beginning of July.