New Restrictions from Monday

See the list of new restrictions and recommendations that will come into effect on Monday, 5th of October.


  • Primary schools - first grade classes - no singing classes, sports with no restrictions

  • Primary schools - second grade classes - no singing classes, only outdoor sports activities

  • High schools in green regions - no singing classes, only outdoor sports activities

  • High schools in yellow and red regions - 14 days distance learning with the exception of practical classes


  • Indoor events - maximum 10 people

  • Outdoor events - maximum 20 people

  • Exceptions - entrepreneur activities, municipality meetings


  • No operas, musicals and joint singing, rehersals included for 14 days

  • Other theatre performances or cinemas allowed with maximum of 500 people

  • No snack breaks in theatres


  • No spectators allowed

  • Registered sports activities - maximum 130 people allowed, including the athletes and their teams

  • Free time sports - maximum of 10 people indoors, maximum of 20 people outdoors


  • No rule changes


  • Maximum of 6 people at one table

Funerals and weddings:

  • Maximum of 30 people from the 19th of October

Swimming pools, gyms and other:

  • Recommendation not to gather


  • No singing, maximum of 100 people

Source: Dominik Feri, the Member of Parliament

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