UPDATE: List of new restrictions revealed

Cultural and sports events have been cancelled for two weeks - what are the new measures to tackle the pandemic?

All the measures are valid for two weeks.

COVID-19 related restrictions valid from Friday, October 9th:

9/10 – 23/10

Sport and free time activities:

• All the gyms, fitness centers, outdoor and indoor swimming pools are closed

• Wellness centers are closed with exception of the health related spa cures

Restaurants, Bars:

• All restaurants and bars close at 8PM

• Maximum of 4 people can sit at one table

Eating in shopping centers:

• 2 people can sit at one table

• Wi-Fi must be turned off


• Casinos and games rooms are closed

COVID-19 related restrictions valid from Monday, October 12th:

12/10 – 26/10

Culture and free time:

• All the cultural events are cancelled

• All theatres, cinemas and ZOOs are closed

• All galeries, museums, monuments and other cultural objects are closed

• Libraries are open


• Limit of 20 people at one place for outdoor sport activities

• All the indoor sports grounds are closed

• All professional and free time sport activities are cancelled

• All the professional and amateur competitions are cancelled

• International sport competitions are allowed without spectators


• No new restrictions for kindergartens, first grade of basic schools and school clubs (školní družiny)

• For the second grade of basic schools:

- Present learning in the first week and distant learning in the second week for half of the kids - distant learning in the first week and present learning in the second week for the other half of kids

• Online learning for highschools. Practical classes are allowed

• Online learning on universities. Practical classes are allowed only for medical schools.

• Individual classes are allowed in elementary art schools (ZUŠ)

• All schools will have holiday on October 26th and 27th. This will prolong the autumn holiday to one whole week

• All the hobby school clubs (for example music clubs) are cancelled


• Maximum of 10 people at one place


• All the offices (for example municipality) will be opened two days per week for five hours

Hospitals and Social Care Centers:

• No visits are allowed

Hotel rooms for infected people not needing hospital care:

• In case people are tested positive, they do not need to go to hospital, but they cannot stay in isolation, they can stay isolated in hotel rooms for ten days

• This is an option for people from social facilities (for example elderly houses), in case it is not possible to isolate the infected people

• This is also an option for people living in conditions which do not allow isolation (for example more people living in a small appartment)