New rules aimed at mountain resorts

Amid stagnating coronavirus numbers, the government tightened measures applying to accommodation, ski lifts or visiting holiday cottages.

The cabinet decided to tighten the restrictions because unlike in the past, the epidemic situation could start to significantly worsen at a time when hospitals are already full - said Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (ČSSD). According to him, the government also cannot afford to underestimate the current situation due to the spread of a new, more contagious variant of the virus.

Accommodation services which are available to people on business trips only will now have to request a written confirmation from the employer (or the customer in case of self-employed people). Those interested in staying will not be able to bring their family members with them.

Cable cars and lifts will be banned from transporting hikers (previously, skiers were unable to use them). They will remain in operation for rescuers only. The cabinet has not yet determined when the ski resorts could open - but it certainly will not be next week. However, according to the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (for ANO), the season is not yet completely lost.

At the same time, the government will continue to allow people to visit their own holiday cottages - but only members of one household can stay in them. After discussing the possibility, the cabinet did not determine a maximum distance from home a person can go. However, Hamáček did not rule out that this measure might apply to districts or regions in the future.