New website explaining Covid-19 restrictions

Information about the current anti-coronavirus measures, real-life situations - all in one place and written in simple language.

The government has launched a new website that should clearly communicate and explain all Covid-related restrictions. Right now, there are Czech and English language versions - and the translators are working on Vietnamese, German and Russian.

The site describes about 300 common life situations and how to deal with them during the pandemic. People can for example find out under which condition they can open a café, move house or where to wear a face mask.

The project started after Dominik Feri (TOP 09), Czech Republic's youngest MP, criticized the way in which information about the pandemic was being presented to the public. He suggested the cabinet should set up this website and offered to help.

24-year-old Feri has been running a public information campaign about the government's measures on his Instagram account since this Spring, using an easily recognizable template with a yellow background and a black warning triangle. He has been praised for his efforts by experts and has amassed a following of over 800,000 people.