No fireworks in some parts of Prague

In Prague, it will not be possible to use pyrotechnics on the New Year's Eve in selected places. It will be prohibited in natural parks and protected areas, around watercourses and on islands, dams and dikes, close to the Troja Zoo and at homes for the elderly and other residential social facilities. The amendment to the decree was approved by the Prague representatives.

So far, the city has only regulated the fireworks. The new ban applies to pyrotechnics that are bought and fired by the inhabitants of the city. People will not be able to fire rockets or cannons in protected areas or within 250 meters from homes for the elderly or disabled and other social facilities. It will not be possible to use pyrotechnics within a distance of 250 meters from the area of ​​the Troja Zoo, animal shelters and veterinary emergency rooms either.

Fireworks are banned in the vicinity of the Vltava and will now be extended to pyrotechnics close to all watercourses, including islands, within a distance of 50 meters. The same rule will apply to dams, dikes and reservoirs. For safety reasons, the capital will ban the use of products that cannot be controlled and may cause a fire. An example of this is the lanterns of fortune, which carry an open fire and fly uncontrollably.