No indoor standing events over 10 people allowed

Every visitor has to have their own seat if there is an event with capacity bigger than ten participants. This new measure will come into effect on Friday at 6 pm.

The number of infected people exceeded two thousand for the first time on Wednesday and the Government introduces new measures. From Friday, concerts can only be held with the viewers sitting down. Tickets can also be sold only for seating places.

There are exceptions, for example exhibitions, markets, fairs and other similar events. On the other hand, the measure applies to restaurants, bars and clubs. The Ministry of Health argues that the majority of those infected with coronavirus are aged between 20 and 29. According to the minister, these groups of people probably got infected in club events and now can be a source of the spread of the disease even among risk groups.

Since Thursday, September 10, people have been obliged to wear a mask indoors throughout the Czech Republic. At the same time, the Ministry of Health called on citizens to comply with the basic hygiene rules under the abbreviation 3R - in addition to wearing masks, it is regular hand washing and compliance with two-meter intervals.