No masks in gyms or at hairdresser anymore

From today, people do not have to wear a respirator when visiting a gym, hairdresser, and beauty, massage or tattoo studios. This follows a change in the Ministry of Health's measures to wear respiratory protection which was approved by the government on Monday. However, it is still necessary to have either a negative test, vaccination or confirmation of recovery from Covid-19.

The change in measures effective from today no longer sets any conditions for athletes. That means that people doing any sport no longer need to have a respirator during training, exercise, wrestling or competition. Coaches, other team members in team sports and referees can also be without mouth and nose protection. However, it is not allowed to use dressing rooms or showers.

As of today, the restriction change also includes customers of certain head and neck care services for whom a respirator would prevent the provision of the service. These include hairdressing or beauty services. Although these services reopened two weeks ago, their clients had still been obliged to wear respirators.

Other changes will come on the 24th of May and they include full opening of hotels, extended capacity of cultural events, open access to indoor zoo pavilions and reopening of schools. You can read about these new changes in our article HERE.

See our table with the new rules and restrictions: