No masks in public transport? Not everywhere

From the 1st of July Czechs will not have to wear masks in public transport, except for Prague and Moravskoslezský region. In the capital, masks will be obligatory on the metro. In the region of Karviná - the most affected area right now - restrictions will be even bigger than before.

In Karviná, no visits in hospitals will be allowed from Tuesday. Public gatherings and events will be restricted as well by the ministry of health. According to the head of the county, Ivo Vondrák (ANO), the region has problems with testing and citizens do not obey the quarantine rules.

Events in Karviná and Frýdecko-místecko will be restricted to 500 hundred people that will have to be separated in sectors by hundred. Again, two-meter social distancing will be put in effect. Measures will be taken also in areas of swimming pools and restaurants. Employees and newly accepted patients in hospitals will be tested on coronavirus.

For the first time since the start of the pandemics, Prague is not the most affected region but people will have to keep their masks on at least on the metro. Other public transport will be allowed to enter without a mask on. The ministry of health will regularly present a map of the Czech Republic that will show the regions with the highest risk.