No need to quarantine if you wear a mask

The Minister of Health announced changes related to COVID–19 quarantine which come into effect on Tuesday.

People who had their face covered by a respirator or mask when encountering a person who was tested positive for a virus but had their face also covered, do not need to be quarantined, said the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch (ANO) on Monday’s press conference after the Government Council for Health Risks meeting. Quarantine will also not be obligatory for those who had been COVID-19 positive in the previous 90 days. Due to the rapid increase of infected people every day, the number of sick leaves due to quarantine is also rising. Therefore, the new measures should eliminate the quarantine of people with minimal risk of infection. However, if someone asymptomatic is required to self-isolate, the first test will be performed on the 4th or 5th day after contact with the infected person. It has been originally performed between 1st to 5th day, but the disease manifests itself with a delay. The length of the quarantine is at least 10 days. The change also occurs in the tracing of potentially infected. From next week, the so-called self-reporting should be launched. This will allow the positively tested to fill out an online form with information about those they have been in contact with. Self-reporting should help hygienists as they are now unable to trace all the contacts.