Number of kids given to the state care reduces every year

Last year social care took 3579 children from their families. Most common reason for the removal was neglect of care and molestation. It is always the court who decides about the removal.

Ministry of Social Affairs has been gathering the information since the year 2016. Until then there was no information and since then the number has been slightly smaller every year. For comparison, in 2018 there were 3666 kids taken from their mother and father.

According to the highest court poverty cannot be the main reason for removal of a child.

Also, the opinion of the child is relevant for the judge. Non-profit organisations for support of a family claim that it is necessary to focus on prevention and work with families so that parents can handle the situation and children do not have to leave their homes. Ministry of Social Affairs therefore plans to create two changes in the legislation to help with prevention and support family counseling.