Over the weekend, more than 560 new covid-19 cases emerged

According to the ministry of health, on Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of people tested positive for coronavirus. However, the Prime Minister and experts agree that it does not imply a second wave of the disease due to the fact that the epicentres are localized.

The Increase of positive cases is affected by extensive testing in the epicentres, for example in Karviná. Now there are 181 infected people of 100 thousand citizens. The map shows that coronavirus is not spreading at the same rate in other areas of the country right now. According to experts, the rising number of cases so far does not indicate that a second wave is coming. More statistical information is available here.

Covid-19 was detected on some workers in local mines in Karviná and nowadays extensive testing in the mines is underway. Only on Saturday, 122 new cases appeared in this area. In total, 3,000 people in some way related to the mines (workers, their families and relatives) will have been tested by Tuesday.