People's trust in the President on decline

Czechs trust the constitutional institutions less than before, compared to March this year. In June, people displayed less trust in mayors, the Parliament and the President. Miloš Zeman is trusted by 44 percent citizens - the lowest number since June 2017. The opinion poll was created by CVVM Agency.

Even though their numbers also decreased, mayors and municipal councils kept the highest level of trust among all the institutions - up to three-fifths of people believed in their work. The lowest number, on the other hand, goes to the Parliament and the Senate - only one-third of questioned people showed confidence in these institutions.

The Agency also asked people if they were satisfied with the current political situation. A similar number of citizens were satisfied compared to March this year - approximately one-fifth. 44 percent of people were not satisfied with the current state of affairs. Others had a neutral stance.

The coronavirus crisis has also made people question the membership in the European Union. According to the STEM Agency, 46 percent of Czechs are satisfied with the membership - last November it was ten percent higher. The reason is mainly economic uncertainty but also the unclear role of the European Union in crisis.