Pianos as a symbol of Czech pride and unity

The Czech Foundation KKFF owned by Czech billionaire Karel Komárek bought 11 pianos and grand pianos that were refused by a Chinese customer. Allegedly, the order was cancelled due to a diplomatic visit of the Chair of Senate to Taiwan.

According to the Petrof company which builds the pianos, a customer from Beijing wrote to them that there were rumours in China that the Chinese government wanted to impose sanctions on the Czech Republic and its goods. This customer said they could not afford to pay higher taxes and therefore suspended the delivery. However, Petrof company had already prepared an expedition of the pianos.

"We decided to buy the pianos as soon as we found out about the problem. My wife and I agreed that our foundation would immediately donate them to Czech schools. We would like the 11 instruments to become a symbol of Czech pride and cohesion," Komárek said.

China is a key market for the Petrof company as it buys approximately 35% of its products. The company has already expressed concern that the deterioration of relations between the Czech Republic and China will have a negative impact on further business in the country.

The visit of the Chair of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil to Taiwan was strongly criticized by China, which considers Taiwan to be its secessionary province. China's Foreign Minister Wang also told the Czech Republic's second-highest constitutional official that China would force him to pay a high price for violating the one-China principle. Vystrčil refused that he would violate the agreements between the Czech Republic and China.