Prague adds one metro connection, shortens intervals

From Monday, the last metro will leave the terminal stations 15 minutes later - around 22:15. During the day, the intervals will be shorter.

Prague Public Transit Company reacts to the gradual loosening of anti-epidemic measures. It is possible that starting Monday, the Czech Republic will be at the third level of the PES scale. That would mean an end of the overnight curfew, among other things. You can find the whole PES table here.

Intervals between metro connections will shorten to the times that were valid in September, before the state of emergency was declared. The operation of trams, buses and trains will remain unchanged for the time being.

Greater restrictions on daily operations began on November 2. Prague public transport now runs at about 80% capacity, after the change, it would be 90-85%. It now offers at least twice the capacity needed for the number of passengers that currently use it. For example, between November 1 and 18, about 5.5 million people took the subway. That is 12 million passengers less than in the same period last year.