Prague: new anti-corona measures

Due to the record increases in the number of cases in recent days, several new measures will come into effect in the capital.

Starting September 9th, the obligation to wear a mask will be extended to shops and shopping malls. Right now, people in Prague need to cover their mouths and noses at railway stations, subway vestibules and the airport. Everywhere in the Czech Republic, face masks are mandatory on public transport, at offices, in medical and social facilities, and at indoor events with more than a hundred participants.

Also from September 9th, Prague's restaurants and bars will have to close by midnight. In recent weeks, several cases of Covid-19 have been linked to these places. At the same time, the infection is now the most widespread among twenty- and thirty-year-olds.

From September 14th, wearing face coverings will be mandatory in Prague's schools - but only in the common areas, not in the classrooms.