Prague postpones public transport fare increase

Prague has decided not to raise public transport fares right now - but warns it has to happen some time in the future.

In the summer, there have been several proposals to increase the prices of almost all fare tariffs - including raising the cost of an annual pass by as much as 50% (from 3,650 crowns to 5,500 crowns). The subsequent plan was to increase the price by 365 crowns each year for several years.

The price increase talks come due to a loss of fare revenue, as the number of tourists has gone down, and some people have stopped using public transport because they were concerned about catching the coronavirus.

In addition, Prague will also have to reflect new tax laws which are currently being discussed by the Chamber of Deputies. If approved, Prague's tax revenues will fall by 2.1 billion crowns next year.

However, raising the fares right now, when a lot of people are facing existential problems, would be immoral, said Prague's Deputy Mayor for Transportation Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě). But according to him, the city will not avoid the price increase in the future, as fares are cheaper than in Brno, Pilsen od Liberec - smaller cities that do not have a metro system, which is the most expensive part of the public transport.