Prague's railway promenade

A new place for pedestrians, runners or cyclists - a railway promenade that will connect Prague's districts of Vršovice and Strašnice.

It will be built on the site of the old railway line to Benešov, on which trains will stop running in December. The inspiration for this plan are New York's The High Lane and the Dutch bike freeway. If all goes well, the promenade could be ready in 2024.

One strip four meters wide will be divided into two lanes and will allow comfortable travel for faster cyclists or skaters in both directions. A second strip 3.2 metres wide will be dedicated to pedestrians and separated from the faster lanes by lawns, tartan or the original railway tracks. There will also be an unpaved footpath for people who prefer to run on softer surfaces.

The promenade will be surrounded by a line park with rest areas. Original parts of the tracks, lighting towers, sleepers and traffic lights will stay in the area, as well as a historic stone underpass from the 19th century, a riveted bridge from 1918 or a footbridge at the Strašnice railway station from the 1930s. You can find more pictures of this project here.