Prague without tourists but full of cyclists

The only way of transport that has risen during the coronaviru crisis was cycling, especially in Prague. Compared to previous year there have been forty percent more cyclists since the emergency state was called in the middle of March. In the past three weeks this increase has been even sixty percent.

People more and more use this way of transport to get to and from work. But even the recreational cycling is on the rise. During the weekends 26 percent more people go cycling to the nature.

Pandemic has increased numbers of people using bikes not only in Prague but also in other big European cities like London or Vienna. But the biggest reason for the rise in Prague are bigger investments in infrastructure, according to the members of Prague council. Last year the budget for cycling infrastructure reached 121 million crowns, this years budget will be 50 million higher. For comparison, in the year 2017 it was 17 million, according to the Prague spokesperson Vít Hofman.