Prague Zoo to get financial aid

As the Prague Zoo is once again closed due to the pandemic, the City Hall decided to support it with 45 million crowns.

According to the zoo, the money should just about cover the losses caused by the closure in Spring. It has now been closed for the second time since October 9.

In recent years, around 1.4 million people have visited the Prague Zoo annually. This year, there have been 836,165 visitors so far. According to the zoo's director, Miroslav Bobek, it is not only losing income from admissions, but also from parking fees, souvenirs or renting restaurants. Last year, the revenue from the entrance fees was 200 million crowns.

Prague Zoo is also supported by the public - through adoptions or sponsorship of animals. This way, people raised more than 2.3 million crowns during the Spring closure alone. In the last month, the zoo got another 1.1 million. It is also possible to buy a "Ticket for Better Times" that is valid until December 31, 2021.