Rescue stations for wild animals in trouble

Due to the pandemic, Czech wildlife rescue stations lack money and workers - while taking care of more animals than last year.

There is a total of 35 wild animal rescue stations in the Czech Republic. In the last months, they took in 11,540 animals - that is 2,200 more than in the same period last year. One of the possible reasons for this increase? Because of the pandemic, Czechs travel less abroad, visit local natural sites instead and thus encounter more wild animals.

Another problem is that the number of volunteers went down. That is why this year, rescue stations often team up with city police or firefighters who can help with catching the animals. The facilities also ask the finders to bring in the animals themselves if possible, organize group pick-ups, and limit trips to the most necessary ones.

The rescue stations also solve the lack of volunteers by paying part-time workers, but the money is quickly running out. Amid the pandemic, they had to reduce other activities - such as educational programs for schools or the public.

In the past, they have been also relying on subsidies from the regions which were restricted before the start of the summer holidays. Regions try to help in different ways - for example by providing money from the governors' funds.

The public can also help - for example through the Animal in Need collection that managed to raise 1.5 million crowns from April to September.