Safety line during an emergency state

The Safety telephone line nowadays more often solves children's mental health problems. Problems in the family, feelings of loneliness or depression are more usual for children in times of an emergency state. Compared to last October, this year the number of people with anxiety more than doubled to 56 cases.

According to Regina Jandová, the spokeswoman for the non-profit organization Safety line, the most frequent topics now are relationships with friends, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and questions about sexual issues. In addition, according to her, the questions reflect the topic of current anti-coronavirus measures and uncertainties, especially in classrooms where children end or, on the contrary, start a new school.

However, the measures make the situation complicated for the consultants. They face the limitations of follow-up services, such as psychologists, medical care or social services for families with children, which the people in need contact when they need further help.

The Safety line offers consultation and help not only to children but also to parents. All the information is to be found HERE.