School manual for the new year revealed

Masks in the corridors and higher hygienic standards will be the only change that students will see at schools this upcoming school year, the Ministry of Education claims in the new manual. Starting as usual, on the 1st of September, children will return to the school desks and will not have to wear masks in the classrooms.

If a school shuts down, remote education will be probably mandatory - this new legislative change, however, will have to be confirmed by the Parliament first. Both Ministry of Health and Education want to keep the standard way of teaching if the epidemiologic situation allows it.

Few basic rules for the first school year are:

  • Personal hygiene rules should be followed - for example, wash your hands regularly and use disposable, not cloth, handkerchiefs

  • Schools must be equipped with disinfectants and must be ventilated regularly and frequently

  • Outside the classroom, students and teachers can only move in masks, in classrooms a mask is not mandatory