Schools may reopen but no teaching is being planned

High school students and second grade elementary students can return to classes from 8th June but there will be no lessons. Teachers will only provide consultation hours as the students´ presence will be voluntary.

Hygienic regulations do not enable the schools to fully open so only roughly 15 students will be allowed to classes. Teachers therefore do not plan regular lessons. Some schools will provide only two days a week of in-class education and rest of the days will stay online until the end of this school year. Other schools will limit the number of students per class. Most of them agree on keeping the online lessons and make the in-class consultations voluntary.

High schools and gymnasiums (non-specialized high schools) have to deal with one more problem in June and that is final exams and entrance examinations. That means less teachers will be available for consultations as they will have to be the examiners. Also, lot of space will be taken from classes as they will serve as examination rooms. Teachers themselves say that the exams will be the priority before regular classes.