Ski resorts available as home office places

Hotels and restaurants will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays but some hotels are finding a way to accommodate their clients - they are offering a stay for home office workers. According to one of the hotels in Krkonoše Mountains, the government restrictions allow this option.

Anyone who has booked and paid for a stay in the mountains at Christmas or New Year's Eve has been able to meet such an offer quite often in recent hours. Hoteliers, whose hopes for the peak of the season were taken away by the government by Monday's ban, have come up with a new way to keep their clients, despite government restrictions.

One of the concrete examples is offered by the Facebook profile of the Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec, which has published a post saying that during the holidays it remains open to guests who come on a business trip. According to the director of the hotel, the business trip must be documented by an affidavit or confirmation from the employer. He adds that in his opinion, it is certainly more reasonable to spend working days on the home office in the mountains than to use public transport every day to work in Prague offices.