State of emergency extended, the R-number lower

The government has extended the state of emergency and related anti-covid measures until November 20 as the R-number slightly decreases.

The reproduction number which indicates how many other people one person can infect if they have the coronavirus is currently 1.13. Around October 9, it was the highest - 1.5. For the epidemic to get under control, the R-number needs to drop below 1.

According to the new Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO), what we are seeing now is probably the beginning of the epidemic slowing down. But, he stressed, the battle has not been won yet and this positive trend needs to continue.

By Friday 6 pm, there were 6,770 new coronavirus cases - about 1,300 less than at the same time a week earlier. Similarly, on Thursday, the number of new infections fell by 1,100 compared to last Thursday.