Take a walk on the wild side

National Parks in the Czech Republic

There are many places with nice nature in the Czech Republic, but only four of them earned the rating of the true wilderness and became the National Parks (NP): Krkonošský NP, NP Podyjí, NP České Švýcarsko and NP Šumava.

Each of these places has a different kind of landscape and terrain. They are far from the crowded cities, so it might be a longer journey to get there. The National Parks are also quite big, so it can be a trip for more than one day. For those who love the peaceful spirit of the trees, rocks, crystal clear water and wide open scenery, these are the four places they should know about.

Krkonošský NP

Krkonoše is a mountain range where the Sněžka is, the highest mountain of the Czech Republic. The mountain range is older than the Himalayas or the Alpes, and the passage of time made its tops rounded. The mountains are covered with forests and meadows and with the dwarf mountain pine trees on the tops. Krkonoše is located in Northern Bohemia at the border with Poland.

NP Podyjí

The landscape of Podyjí was created by the Dyje River. The erosion that was caused by the river, changed a flat area into a canyon with many meanders over millions years. This National Park does not have many steep pathways, so it is a good place for relaxing hikes. It lies in Southwest Moravia at the Austrian border.

NP České Švýcarsko

České Švýcarsko is the youngest NP in the Czech Republic, which was announced in 2000. It is located in Northern Bohemia at the border with Germany. The interesting thing about this area are the sandstone rocks, which seem more like pieces of art than natural formations. Pravčická brána, which can also be found in České Švýcarko, is the biggest natural rock arch on the continent and it became a symbol of the area.

NP Šumava

Šumava is the biggest of the four National Parks in the Czech Republic. The protected area is a part of a much larger mountain range covered with forests, which continues further behind the German border. It is the best place in the country for the wild animals to live, and it became home for the wolf and the lynx. It is a place full of extremes. For example, Horská Kvilda is the place with the lowest temperatures measured in the Czech Republic during winter (the record was -41,6 °C).