Teleshopping or deception?

Mobile operators called for the Fast Game on TV Barrandov to stop deceiving its viewers - after a YouTube video about it goes viral.

The Fast Game show is presented as teleshopping - but at the same time, it offers viewers cash prizes for solving various puzzles. After calling the premium-rate telephone number, callers are charged and receive an electronic subscription to a magazine. At the same time, the show host encourages viewers to keep calling and participate in the competition.

Given that the viewers may not be completely aware that the main purpose of the call is to purchase a magazine, not to win cash prizes, the operators consider this behaviour to be ethically questionable. They decided to give the Barrandov TV together with the competition operator time until Thursday to adjust the service so that it is in accordance with good manners and the code of audiotex services. If they do not comply, the operators will block the phone line.

The problem was pointed out to the operators by Janek Rubeš and Honza Mikulka from the YouTube channel Kluci z Prahy (Boys from Prague). According to them, some people spent up to tens of thousands of crowns on the show's phone line. Even though it is forbidden, children sometimes call the show.

In response to the controversy, Barrandov Televizní Studio (BTS) said it was not the operator of the Fast Game show. It is operated by a Cyprus-based company Telemedia Interactiv Production Home Limited to which BTS only provides broadcasting space for teleshopping for a fee. BTS said it did not violate the law or the granted television license. Nevertheless, if it concludes the tv license has been violated, it will terminate the contract with Telemedia.