The best air in 11 years

The pollution improved last year, and the Czech Republic had the best air in the last 11 years.

Good dispersion conditions and reductions in emissions from energy and industrial sources have contributed to the good result. The data are based on the results of pollution monitoring for 2019, which was issued by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

According to experts, the decrease in pollution has been caused by lower emissions and favorable meteorological and dispersion conditions. According to the Institute, measures to improve air quality also had an impact - for example, the replacement of boilers, the ongoing renewal of the vehicles or technical modifications to reduce emissions from certain sources.

"The latest data on air pollution, including part of this year, show that our subsidy programs aimed at replacing obsolete domestic boilers have been working. That is why we want to continue with another 600 million crowns for projects like this, so people will be able to draw subsidies immediately and change boilers quickly," said Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec (ANO) to the report. (Source: ČTK)