The end of disposable plastics?

The end of plastic cups, cutlery and other plastic disposable products has got closer as the government has approved a law that will ban them. It is supposed to come into effect in July this year. However, there is one-year transition period in which shops can sell the rest of these products. The law must now be considered by parliament.

The European Commission came up with the restriction of disposable plastics three years ago. Now it will also appear in Czech law. Plastic cups, straws, cutlery and crockery or food boxes made of polystyrene should be prohibited. Replacements for disposable plastic products are already appearing in shops and restaurants. They are mostly made of paper or wood.

The new rules also apply to plastic bottles or beverage bottles in general. In addition, the lid should be attached to the container so that it is not lost.

The pandemic has not helped to reduce the consumption of disposable plastics, especially in restaurants which prepare take-away food. Cup and plastic boxes are thus being ordered by establishments even more often than before. Some of them offer to put food and drinks in customers' containers.