The government to financially support affected businesses

The government has approved financial compensations for areas affected by restrictions. The ministers have agreed to support bus carriers, culture and sports and entrepreneurs to pay rent.

The crisis in the Czech Republic has affected up to two thousand tour operators operating a total of about nine thousand buses. According to the Česmad Bohemia association, up to half of them are in danger of bankruptcy. Subsidies should compensate carriers for losses from the beginning of the state of emergency in March until the end of June this year. The government has also approved the continuation of the Covid-Culture or Covid-Sport programmes.

  • For companies that had to close, the state will reimburse the entire salary up to 50 thousand crowns - the government has extended part of the Antivirus program

  • Entrepreneurs who had to close due to the new measures will get a chance to apply for a commercial rent contribution of up to 50% for the third quarter of the year

  • Artists and entrepreneurs in culture will get a chance to apply for funding to continue the Covid - Culture program. 750 million is prepared

  • Sports clubs and organizers of sports events will get a chance to apply for subsidies in the continuation of the Covid - sport program. They will be compensated for the costs of having to cancel the sporting event

  • Bus operators and carriers will receive up to a billion from the state to cover losses from the crisis. Compensation will be paid per seat per day