The new version of eRouška App is available in English

The number of people infected by COVID-19 is rising sharply. To help the fight against the virus, the government launched a new version of the tracing app eRouška 2.0.

The new eRouška is here. Unlike its predecessor, it is supposed to no longer help hygienists with contacts tracing, but should anonymously warn the user that he may have met an infected person. If a person is positively tested, he or she will receive a unique code from hygienists, which after entering it into the application, will enable the sending warnings to all devices that the phone has detected in its vicinity. People will be warned that they were near the infected person and instructed about next steps. However, the application can only work relevant if as many people as possible download it.

Even though numerous applications raised privacy concerns in the past, eRouška promises to be completely anonymous and does not send information to anyone without permission. App records which other devices the mobile phone came into contact with, records time, proximity and anonymous identifier but does not store personal data. Also, to log a user's proximity to other cell phones, the app uses Bluetooth signal which is less intrusive compared to systems that are based on tracking the geographical location of users.

Although the eRouška website is currently not available in other language mutations, the English version of the application is available on Google Play and App Store.