The next tallest building in Czechia

Prague 13 has signed a memorandum with the development company Trigema about the planned construction of the future highest skyscraper.

The building - called Top Tower - will stand next to the Nové Butovice metro station. The skyscraper itself will be 135 metres tall - its defining feature will be a structure depicting a shipwreck that is to be 10 metres higher. The design is by the sculptor David Černý and the architect Tomáš Císař from the Black n Arch studio.

According to the so far legally non-binding memorandum, the company Trigema should invest about 36.5 million crowns in the transformation of the surroundings of the building and give another 30 million crowns to Prague 13 that will be used for education and transport development.

The city district has promised that if all these obligations are met by the investor, it will support the construction of the Top Tower in the necessary permitting processes. For example, the building will need to be granted an exception from the zoning plan.

The signing of the memorandum by the city council was criticized by the opposition, according to which the impacts of the construction on the surroundings and local residents were not sufficiently assessed.

Trigema unveiled this project last September. Back then, the company said that construction should ideally start this year, take three years and cost two billion crowns.

The Top Tower will be used for rental housing. On lower levels, there will be offices, a cultural center and shops. There will also be a publicly accessible roof garden and a public observation deck at the highest point of the shipwreck.