The Prague Metro expands 4G mobile coverage

25 out of 61 stations in the metro network are now covered with a 4G LTE signal.

Starting June 18, commuters can connect to the Internet between the Florenc and Palmovka stations on the Metro B line and at the Staroměstská station on the A line. Next week, the coverage will extend to the Malostranská station on Metro A.

In the first half of July, the Hradčanská and Dejvická stations will be added. After that, a whole section between the Nemocnice Motol and Můstek stations on the A line will be covered by the signal.

On Metro B, sections between the Smíchovské nádraží and Anděl station, and the Florenc and Palmovka stations have connection to the Internet.

Commuters can also surf the Web between the Roztyly and Nádraží Holešovice stations on the C line.

Mobile operators are installing the service at their own expenses. One section between two stations costs 10 million crowns on average - bringing the total to about half a billion. The plan is to cover the whole network by 2022.