Thursday morning flash news

Covid-19 update

The number of people tested positive on Wednesday has exceeded two thousand again. Germany has added the Czech Republic to the list of risky countries with the exception of Ústecký and Moravskoslezský region. Austria might do so next week. So far, the situation can be seen on this map from

From Thursday, September 24th, bars have to close latest at 10pm. Only two thousand people can be at the outdoor events and one thousand people at the indoor events. This is only valid if the people have a place to sit. For the events, where people have to stand, the number of people has been limited to 50. These restrictions are valid for the following two weeks and further measures will follow.

Mobile election Commission

The Minister of the Interior wants to make sure that the Mobile Election Commission will be able to visit all the people, who are currently in the quarantine. There are around 16 000 people in isolation and they all need to be able to vote in the Regional and the Senate elections, which are taking place the next week, October 2nd and 3rd.

Lukashenko is not president according to the Czech Republic

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Wednesday inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko was not legitimate. “The elections in Belarus were not fair and they were not of free choice. That is why the results of the elections are not legitimate, that is why the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko is not legitimate either. The Belarusian civil society has a full support from the Czech Republic. Belarusians deserve the freedom,“ minister Petříček wrote on Twitter.

The Czech Republic will not fulfill its commitment towards NATO

The Minister of Finance Alena Shillerová said, that the Czech Republic is not going to put 2% of GDP for the state defense until the year 2024, which is the commitment the Czech Republic has towards NATO. She also said she wanted this commitment to be fulfilled later. Lubomír Metnar, the Minister of Defense said it is important that the amount of money given for the country defense is moving towards the 2%.

Bečva became a dead river

The fishermen took 20 tonnes of dead fish away from the Bečva river on the border of Zlínský and Olomoucký region. Unknown substance has poisoned the river last Sunday, September 20th. The fishermen continue with work and the investigation is also still ongoing. Laboratories found out that the river has been poisoned, but they did not find out what the source is or what the substance is. Increasing of the water flow in the river did not help either.