Thursday News Summary

COVID-19 update The number of people tested positive was slightly over one thousand on Wednesday. It was the lowest number of people infected in last ten days, and it was the fifth day in row, when the number was lower than two thousand. The Government approved the Emergency State in the Czech Republic starting from Monday, October 5th. There will be new restrictions valid from the beginning of the next week and lasting for 30 days. The restrictions affect the education, the culture and also the free time activities. Check the new restriction HERE. Members of the Task Force are going to have a meeting on Thursday, October 1st. The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but it was postponed due to the meeting related to the Emergency State. In the Czech prisons, 42 people were tested positive since the beginning of the corona crisis in March 2020. 19 people have already been cured, one person needed to go to a hospital and none of the infected prisoners died.

Tons of fish died in Northern Bohemia The bottom of the artificial lake in Horní Jiřetín in Northern Bohemia has probably sunk. The area under the lake used to be a coal mine. The water level has dropped, and the water has a strong smell of chemicals and light grey colour now. Hundreds to a thousand kilograms of fish died after this accident. There is further investigation going on. Czechia against the expansion of lignite Mine Turów Ministry of the Environment together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an initiative to European Commission regarding expansion of a Polish lignite mine in Turów. They think the expansion of the mine and the prolonging of its activities means a breach of the commitment that the country has towards EU. According to the Minister of Health, the purpose of this initiative is not stopping the activities in the mine, but minimalizing of the impact the mine has on the environment.

Elections People in quarantine had a chance to vote in the Senate and the Regional Elections on Wednesday, September 30th. The people who had a car could come to vote in a drive-in polling place. The people who had no car available could vote from home. The elections for the rest of voters will take place this Friday and Saturday, October 2nd and 3rd. Additional information to the this year's election is HERE.