Thursday news summary

Covid update

The risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES, which governs measures against the spread of covid-19, has fallen from the highest, fifth degree to the fourth level. It fell from Wednesday's 81 points to 75 points out of a hundred, which is the upper limit of the fourth degree, according to data on the website of the Ministry of Health. On Wednesday, the number of newly confirmed cases of the disease was more than a third lower than last week.

On Monday, the government will discuss a request to extend the state of emergency for another 30 days. The Chamber of Deputies should then decide at an extraordinary meeting next Thursday. At the moment, the cabinet does not have the support of the majority of deputies.

Vaccination of seniors is starting

Vaccination is starting in homes for the elderly, and mobile teams are coming to vaccinate clients. However, they do not visit seniors who live at home. To obtain the vaccine, they will have to register themselves through the internet registration system, which can be an obstacle for some. In addition to family or carers, GPs could also help. Elderly patients should be booked online at vaccination centers, where GPs will also work.

Austria will close some border crossings

Austria will close 45 smaller border crossings with the Czech Republic and Slovakia from midnight. The measure will affect, for example, the border crossings in Smrčná near Nová Bystřice, in Čížov near Znojmo or three smaller crossings in České Velenice. Already on Saturday, Austria resumed controls at the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the high number of coronavirus infections.

Safety Line increases its capacities

The number of calls due to cyberbullying, cyberstalking or misuse of personal data to the Safety Line increased by tens of percent last year. In addition to problems on the Internet, children often dealt with family relationships or mental health problems caused, among other things, by the coronavirus pandemic. Callers to the Children's Crisis Center Helpline often solved similar problems. The main topic was the fear of the effects of the pandemic. Both lines have also expanded the capacity of their cottages.