Thursday news summary

Mandatory respirators in public transport?

The government is considering introducing an obligation to wear FFP2 respirators in public transport and shops instead of masks. The decision could be made on Friday. In connection with the spread of the so-called British strain of coronavirus, Germany and Austria are introducing the obligation to wear respirators or surgical masks in public transport and shops, and the Czech government is also considering this.

Less vaccines to arrive than expected

In the next three weeks, 30 percent fewer doses of Pfizer vaccine will come to the Czech Republic than originally planned. The current supply was already smaller, according to the Ministry of Health by about a fifth. In Prague, where most vaccines have been directed so far, they expect a drop to just 60 percent of the current number of doses next week. However, vaccination continues, the vaccine was also given to the president of the republic Miloš Zeman on Wednesday.

Covid update

The anti-epidemic risk index PES has remained at 73 points for two days. For more than a week, it has remained in the fourth of five levels of risk. Anti-covid measures now correspond to the strictest fifth degree. Despite the fact that the number of newly infected is declining, the government does not plan to relax some of the restrictions yet because of the continuing burden on hospitals and the occurrence of a more contagious so-called British strain of the virus in the Czech Republic.